Negotiating composition of the corporate crisis and re-structuring of the debt

SCA offers, through a team of specialists, assistance and consultancy to the businessman and management in the comprehension of the causes of the crisis and in the formulation of strategic, industrial and economic-financial plans aimed at finding a solution.
In situations of a full-blown crisis or instability, SCA assists the companies in the procedures required by the bankruptcy law and in the adoption of behaviours aimed at preserving the continuity of the company, protect creditors and prevent, avoid or limit possible liabilities of the businessman and management.
As consultants of the Judge of procedural bodies, SCA’s professionals and associates assume positions as judicial commissioner, judicial liquidator, extraordinary commissioner, attesters, technical consultant for the Judge, curator and crisis manager.
In this field SCA offers specialised services such as:
  • Comprehension and analysis of the causes of the decline and/or of the company crisis;
  • Evaluation of the company and/or of the tangible and intangible asset during the processes of restoration and conversion;
  • Supporting the management in the setup of recovery, industrial and economic- financial strategic plans;
  • Assistance for the implementation of restructuring and financial recovery plans pursuant to art. 67 L.F, including their negotiation and contractual procedures;
  • Assistance, even legal, during the definition of extrajudicial arrangements with creditors including arrangements on the restructuring of debt pursuant to art.182 bis L.F. and during the definition of the tax transaction pursuant to art.182 ter L.F.;
  • Assistance, even legal, in the different phases of the insolvency proceedings such as bankruptcy, judicial liquidation, arrangement with creditor, bankruptcy arrangement, special administration of large companies during a crisis as well as the proceeding for the crisis composition from over-indebtedness;
  • Assumptions of positions of attestation according with the recovery plans pursuant to art. 67 L.F., of restructuring of debt pursuant to art.182 bis L.F and in the procedures of arrangement with creditors and bankruptcy pursuant to art. 161,160 and 124 L.F;
In this field SCA boasts specific experiences in sectors like paper, mechanic, alimentary, furniture and wood, hospitality, real estate and construction.