Access to international markets

SCA has, during the years, developed collaborations with international network, experience and professional relationships that allows the firm to support businessman and management in the following activities:
  • assistenza, diretta o tramite Professionisti in loco, per l’esecuzione delle attività operative connesse alla realizzazione e gestione dell’iniziativa imprenditoriale.
  • Analysis of the economic-financial and fiscal feasibility of the businessman’s initiative through the development of business planning models integrated by tax planning models.
  • Definition of the formal legal scheme present in the hosting country (branch, company and representative office) with analysis of the civil, fiscal and labour legislation of the hosting country;
  • Assistance in drafting international contracts comprehensive of the joint venture initiative.
Through the consultancy of multinational groups, the firm has built experiences in the processing of transfer pricing models inclusive of the procedures and documentation (Master File) expected from supranational organisms. It also has built experience in the application of the double taxation convention and in the defence against tax assessments having direct and indirect tax issues with foreign countries.

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