Group taxation and generational transition

SCA offers consultancy and assistance in group shareholding structure, generational transition and consequential taxation.
Regarding this field SCA offers consultancy and support in:
  • assetti societari;
  • regimi di tassazione di gruppo (consolidato fiscale, IVA di gruppo e gruppo IVA);
  • riorganizzazioni in ambito nazionale ed internazionale.
  • Shareholding structure;
  • Group taxation (both direct, as CIT and regional tax, and indirect taxation, as VAT);
  • National and international reorganisations;
The firm, also, helps on issues connected with management, protection and generational transition of groups with a view on direct and indirect taxation through:
  • Growth, governability and preservation of the company and family’s heritage through successions, donations, family assets and other institutions recognised by the Italian law and regulated by foreign law (typically the trust);
  • Generational transitions which purpose is not only to guarantee a transition in the leadership, but also to fortify the governance and the growth family business.
In order to help with domestic fulfilments or obligations in foreign counties, the firm collaborates with professional of the international network of the "ACB Group".