Mergers, acquisitions and disposals, assessments and corporate finance

SCA offers support in the planification and implementation of transactions of extraordinary corporate finance like merger, takeover, conferral, split-up, spin-off, exchange of shares, participation, companies and branch of business. The firm’s professionals use specific teams, in accordance with what kind of knowledge is needed for the operation, to assist the businessman and management from the first contact with the counterpart to the closing of the transaction. In order to help with domestic tasks or obligations in foreign counties, the firm collaborates with professional of the international network of the "ACB Group".
Main services offered by the firm:
  • Project management of the extraordinary transaction;
  • Assessment of the feasibility of the operation according to strategic, economic-financial, organisational, legal and tax aspects;
  • Evaluations of tangible and intangible asset which are part of the operation;
  • Analysis of convenience of the operation;
  • due diligenceDue diligence by order of the buyer or the seller.
  • Research and selection of the equity provider o partner;
  • Research and selection of the debt provider;
  • Handling of the negotiation phase and contractual establishment;
  • Disposition of company acts, statutes and shareholders agreements;
  • Establishment of business networks and definition of the network programme;
  • Assistance in the phase of implementation of the operation post closing ;
  • Disposition of sworn assessments.
SCA’s professionals are entrusted by the tribunal for the disposition, according to the law, of sworn reports of company contributions, assets and receivables for the verification of adequacy in the relationship of merger and split-up.
In this field SCA boasts a multi-year and recognizes experience in the alimentary, chemical, plastic, mechanic, real estate, metallurgic, financial, banking, biomass and public work sector.