Direction and corporate organization consultancy

S.C.A. complements the businessman and management in the reorganization of the business processes, in the definition and in increment of the business informative asset and in the development of model and procedures for planning and corporate control.
The division in teams according to the uniqueness of the assignment enables the planning and implementation of measures aimed at supporting the company in complex activities including the practice, development and implementation of:
  • Industrial and analytic accounting systems;
  • Directional control systems;
  • Strategic and industrial planning processes;
  • budgeting and reporting processes;
  • Sector and competitive positioning analyses;
  • internal audit organizational models;
  • Risk risk management models for industrial companies;
  • organization, management and control models pursuant to D.lgs. 231/2001;
  • planning, observation and optimization of the financial management in order to maintain the balance of financial flows in the short, medium and long term;