Business contracts, corporate diagrams and heritage protection

SCA offers support in the drafting of contracts, organisational models and procedures that can efficiently and dynamically regulate the owner’s assets, holdings and usage of supplies. In this field the emphasis is put on the risk’s allocation, the potential forwarding of the company to the next generation and the administrating of the company, groups, businesses and heritage.
In drafting the contracts, SCA offers consultancy and assistance with the help of professionals specialised in different fields. In order to help with domestic fulfilments or obligations in foreign counties, the firm collaborates with professional of the international network of the "ACB Group".
The contractual assistance includes:
  • Corporate statues and union deals;
  • Commercial company contracts with investors, financial intermediaries and merchant bank;
  • Real estate;
  • Renewable sources, energetic efficiency and energy rights;
  • Business networks;
  • Supervisory templates and patterns of companies and groups;
  • Familiar heritage issues with handling of the intergenerational transfers, family pacts, trustees mandates and jobs as executor;
  • Establishment and regulation of trust and fiduciary headings;
  • Organisational model pursuant to D.Lgs. 231/2001;
  • Verification of the procedures conforming to special legislations (privacy, administration entities liability, legislation of industries);
  • Legal due diligence .