Bookkeeping, business and administrative consultancy

SCA offers to businessmen and management ordinary consultancies both corporate and financial. It does so during the start-up of the company, in order to choose the right type of enterprise, and in the subsequent administration of the company, with emphasis on:
  • Drafting of statues, transcripts and contracts;
  • Drafting of business plans, budget, strategic financial plans and assistance in the development and implementation of corporate and financial strategies;
  • Consultancy and implementation of ordinary and extraordinary corporate actions, of relationship between partners and social bodies and of shareholder agreements and governance agreements;
  • Consultancy and assistance on equity transactions (raises, cuts, losses repayment and contribution of money or nature from the partners);
  • Estimates, assessments of companies and general evaluations;
  • Accounting support for those companies who decide to not institute an internal accounting office;
  • Support of the internal accounting office in the application of new management systems and the implementation of management control systems;
SCA provides assistance to the administration of the holding, offering services for the obligatory fulfilment of the holding companies.
SCA’ professionals are entrusted with positions in administration commissions, board of auditors, surveillance agencies ex art. 231/2001, private and public entities and associations. Furthermore, they are entrusted with roles of arbitrator or peacemaker and professional fiduciary mandates that are publicly traded on Borsa Valori.
SCA is one of the few authorized firms that has an official agreement with the Chamber of Commerce in Brescia since 2006. Any electronical document or certificate released by SCA has the same validity as one released by the Chamber of Commerce.