Zola Rag. Mariacristina

Was born on 04.09.1965 In Brescia (BS).
Listed as a certified public accountant and as an expert accountant in Brescia at n.1121.
Listed in the statutory auditors’ bar. G.U. 50 on 26.06.1999, D.M. 07.06.1999, at n. 80272.
Listed in the statutory auditors for local entities’ directory.
Listed as the technical consultants of III category of commercial institute of Brescia’s tribunal at n.398.
Listed in the directory of arbitration, of the arbitration chamber, of the Brescia’s foundation for economic-legal studies.
Member of the monocratic surveillance agency in the company ASO Siderurgica S.p.A (Ospitaletto-BS).
Member of the risk control committee in the company Sirap-Gema S.p.A (Verolanuova-BS).
Member of the Supervisory Board and member of the Board of Statutory Auditors in primary, national and international, companies.