Bertoglio Dott.ssa Veronica

Was born on 13.12.1980 In Brescia (BS).
Listed as a certified public accountant and as an expert accountant in Brescia at n.1881.
Listed in the statutory auditors’ bar. G.U. 4th special series on 13.05.2008, D.M. 29.04.2008, at n. 37.
Registered in the crisis composition entity (in short OCC) of Brescia’s accountant (n. 4 national) as a handler of the crisis.
Listed the CTU’s bar of Brescia’s tribunal at n. 545 on 29.11.2013.
Member of the composition of the crisis commission, of the order, of certified public accountant and expert accountant in Brescia.
Civil and commercial ombudsman pursuant to D.Lgs 28/2010.
Insolvency practitioner, CTU, handler of the crisis in the procedures of over-indebtedness, curator of inherit that remain and professional assigned by Brescia’s tribunal to the control of statements drafted by the support administrators.
Member of the Board of Statutory Auditors in primary local companies.